We have a variety of personalized account services to meet the operational needs of your bank.

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Coordinate effective end-of-day investments by having all your transactions settled in a demand deposit account (DDA). Our DDA accounts provide the means to accommodate settlement of the following transactions:

  • Cash letter
  • Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) vault cash services
  • Federal Reserve pass-through account
  • ACH
  • International payments
  • Wire transfer 
  • Faster Payments
  • End-of-day cash management sweep into overnight investments or line of credit
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Taking advantage of our cash management sweep will provide your community bank with many benefits including:

  • An automatic sweep of your balance into our Fed Funds Sold or Purchase programs 
  • Centralized transactions
  • Maximized operational efficiency and earning potential
  • No FDIC assessment
  • Eliminated risk of daylight overdrafts
  • Investments in your excess balances
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Need help upholding your Federal Reserve Board (FRB) reserve requirement and eliminating the need of maintaining an account at the Federal Reserve? Through our Federal Reserve pass-through account, we’ll hold any deficiencies in your name to meet cash requirements and return the funds as the maintenance period ends. Plus, interest earned will be posted directly to your account.

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We are your Faster Payments partner. All of our Faster Payments solutions integrate seamlessly with our cash management platform, allowing you to take full advantage of our expertise and solutions. 

Right now, we enable full same-day ACH capabilities and provide Funding Agent services to simplify the management of good funds in The Clearing House’s RTP® Network. We’re also laying the groundwork to participate in the Federal Reserve Banks’ FedNowSM solution.

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FIRESafe makes accessing reports a breeze. View and download daily reports and statements all in one place!

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The stronger your cash letter exchange network, the greater the rewards are for each partner. We invite you to join us and find out what your neighboring banks already know… OWN.IT is the leading network of its kind, exchanging checks internally at Bankers’ Bank, client to client, relaying the benefits to participating institutions across the Midwest. An exchange analysis can be provided upon request, which will analyze your current image exchange clearing costs against possible savings with OWN.IT.

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Fed Payments Reporter: banks can participate with BB to use the Fed Payments reporter for a variety of ACH reports.


“One week into our switch and we could not be happier. I want to thank you for your help in this conversion. You and everyone else we have been working with have been phenomenal. What a great group of people!”
Amy W. of Tomahawk, Wis.

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