To provide you with alternative sources of liquidity we offer several funding programs for your consideration.

Certificates of Deposit

Current CD Calendar

Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligible issuance — Manage your liquidity with the ability to take in a large deposit by issuing and booking one CD in your bank’s name.  Your bank can structure and price the CD according to your needs.

Municipal and other Governmental Entities — Your bank may be eligible to obtain funds from a Bankers’ Bank administered deposit program.  As placement agent, Bankers’ Bank works with multiple municipalities and governmental entities to place Brokered CDs into FDIC insured institutions.

Federal Funds – Purchased

Your bank may be eligible to purchase overnight Federal Funds from us.

If you currently have our Bankers’ Bank Federal Funds line of credit and would like an updated verification, you may request here.

For more information, contact your Correspondent Banker.

Unless otherwise stated, all products and services represented on this page are not insured by any federal government agency including the FDIC, are not guaranteed by this financial institution, are not obligations of this financial institution, and involve risk including possible loss of principal.