Simplify the complexity of building an enterprise risk management program for your bank.

Identify, Measure and Manage Risk

Community banking requires the systematic management of a broad-range of risks, from credit and liquidity risk to strategic, reputational, and more. Managing all the risks that you face on a daily basis can often be complex, challenging, time consuming, and unique to your institution. Despite this, there is a growing demand from regulators, auditors, and shareholders for a robust and comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) program in banks of all sizes.

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Our solution will provide you with valuable information regarding your bank, including your current risk profile and strategies to improve your risk profile and financial performance. Bankers’ Bank has supported community banks for more than 40 years and has over 100 + years combined staff experience managing risk at community banks. 

Our new enterprise risk management solution, ERM Advisor, offers CRO level support services and tools to help you better identify, measure, manage, and present risk across your entire organization.

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Bankers’ Bank has partnered with Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) to develop a cost-effective tool, ERM Advisor, designed to assist community banks in building an enterprise risk management program. SRA is made up of former bankers well-versed in managing risk in the banking industry and are dedicated to developing a best-in-class risk management platform.



To help your organization determine its risk management maturity, we’ve developed a framework comprised of nine pillars to guide your bank in aligning its risk management practices. Through our Risk Maturity Framework, we will assist your financial institution in identifying and prioritizing potential growth opportunities. No matter the size of your organization, our team will provide you with a step-by-step action plan to improve performance and ensure your bank’s risk management program meets industry standards and regulatory guidance.

SRA Watchtower™

Remove the friction, cost and complexity out of risk and performance management, while receiving the hindsight, insight and foresight needed to make strategic business decisions for your bank. Watchtower seamlessly integrates across each line of business to provide full transparency of risks back to leadership and the board, staying fully compliant with regulators.

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