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About Us


Our mission is to enhance the value of community based financial institutions by delivering the highest quality products and services at competitive pricing, while providing a return to its shareholders.

Bankers’ Bank is not a retail bank; therefore, we will not compete with our clients for market or charters.

Always your partner – never your competitor. ™

Products & Services

We are a state-chartered financial institution that specializes in providing correspondent banking products such as secondary mortgage products, competitive federal funds rate, cash letter processing with automated cash management, municipal bond underwriting, investment trading, safekeeping and portfolio accounting, lending alternatives, card products and more.

At Bankers’ Bank, we utilize the latest technologies to manage more than $2 billion dollars of assets and over $20 billion dollars of custodial securities daily and support our bank customers by providing services, tools and products that make you more competitive and better able to meet the demands of your customers. Yet we strive to maintain a personal touch by making sure you can always reach a knowledgeable person to respond to your needs or questions.

Our innovative, non-exclusive services, mass purchasing power, state-of-the art technologies, and greater scale economies allow you the ability to offer larger loans, tax-exempt debt underwriting and consolidate processing. This improves your operating efficiency and delivers proven cost effectiveness.

We are a for profit organization independent of control by any group or affiliation. Our shareholders, many of whom are in fact our clients, accrue the benefits of any profits and while ownership interests are available to our customers it is not a requirement.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1981, we serve our customers through additional offices in the Chicago, Des Moines, and Indianapolis areas. While some of our services are geographically limited to the 7th, 9th, and 10th Federal Reserve Districts, many of our specialized services are available to assist banks located anywhere in the United States.