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Client-to-Client Image Cash Letter Exchange

OWN.IT™ is the leading network of its kind for exchanging images internally at Bankers’ Bank, client to client. In addition to providing you not only a strong cash letter exchange, OWN.IT also provides these additional benefits:

  • Reduced cash letter fees
  • Duplicate item verification
  • Network items clear at same low price regardless of deadline
  • Lower per item clearing fees
  • FREE receipt of incoming client-to-client items at no charge
  • Ability to send multiple outgoing files daily at no additional charge
  • Adjustments facilitated by Bankers’ Bank
  • 100% availability of funds received passed on to you
  • Timesaving single settlement point
  • Image quality assessment
  • Ongoing review of best clearing options from across the nation
  • Same-day availability for client-to-client items deposited by morning deadlines
  • No contracts – We earn your business every day!
  • OWN.IT endpoint analysis provided upon request


For more information, contact your Correspondent Banker.