Information Security FAQ

Q: How is access to non-public information restricted?

A: Bankers’ Bank requires credentialed access to secure databases. Our communications software package, FIRE, uses a secure SSL connection, two-factor authentication with a onetime password (OTP), device fingerprinting with challenge questions and dual control of privileged operations.

Q: Are Bankers’ Bank premises secured?

A: Yes. The bank is locked and secured during non-business hours including a computerized security system with monitoring cameras and alarms. Certain portions of the bank, including sensitive operational and information security areas, are controlled at all times by electronic locks requiring proper credentials to access.

Q: How long does Bankers’ Bank retain non-public information?

A: Document and file retention policies are established for prudent business use and compliance with applicable law. When permissible, non-public information is purged from the database. Paper copies are shredded onsite by a contracted vendor and then hauled away for disposal.

Q: Who is responsible for information security at Bankers’ Bank?

A: Responsibility for oversight and management of the Information Security Program is shared by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Security Officer of the bank. The program is regularly audited and reports on effectiveness are presented to the board of directors.