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We understand that banking is all about building and maintaining strong relationships. Those relationships start with a commitment to personal service, and it is that commitment that sets us apart.


Settle, transmit and receive ACH transactions through your Bankers’ Bank account via FIRE.

Cash Management –

Automatically sweep your balance into our Fed Funds Sold or Purchase program. Centralize your transactions and maximize operational efficiency and earning potential through our unparalleled cash management product. You benefit from no FDIC assessment or reserve balance requirements. Our automated cash management eliminates the risk of daylight overdrafts and invests in your excess balances, so your bank no longer needs to have multiple correspondent relationships.

Online Access

FIRE is Bankers’ Bank’s product used to send and receive cash letter files, perform check adjustments and derive returns.  Initiating and receiving wire transfers is near real-time within the FIRE software.  You may also send and receive ACH files, coin and currency requests, large dollar notifications, and more.

Federal Reserve Pass-Through Account –

Uphold your FRB reserve requirement and eliminate the need of maintaining an account at the Federal Reserve. We will hold any deficiencies in your name to meet cash requirements and return the funds as the maintenance period ends. Interest earned will be posted directly to your Bankers’ Bank account.

Image Cash Letter Exchange — OWN.IT™ –

The stronger your cash letter exchange network, the greater the rewards are for each partner. We invite you to join us and find out what your neighboring banks already know… OWN.IT is the leading network of its kind, exchanging checks internally at Bankers’ Bank, client to client, relaying the benefits to participating institutions across the Midwest. An exchange analysis can be provided upon request, which will analyze your current image exchange clearing costs against possible savings with OWN.IT.

International Services –

Meet the international needs of your customer and keep them from doing business with your competitor.  Benefit from real-time exchange rates, an extensive product list, and online processing.  Our knowledgeable associates provide your staff with a complete on-line, real-time international solution.

OFAC Checking –

Automated OFAC checking is available for all wire transfers within FIRE.  IAT ACH files can also be scanned.

Settlement –

Coordinate effective end-of-day investments by having all your transactions (i.e.: Fed items, cash letter, ACH, safekeeping, etc.) settle on your Bankers’ Bank account.

Vault Cash –

Whether you order coin and currency, make cash deposits, or do both, we can expedite your order or shipment requests via FIRE and the Federal Reserve.

Wire Transfer –

Electronically send outgoing wires with straight through processing, confirmation, and historical reference.  Receive and reverse incoming wires from the Federal Reserve, all within FIRE.


For more information, contact your Correspondent Banker.