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Despite community banks facilitating the majority of all small business loans, statistics show only a small portion of all leases are originated or funded by community banks. Statistics also show a great percentage of your existing commercial customers lease equipment periodically, many leasing quite often. You simply have not had the resources to identify, capture, and provide comprehensive lease financing for your customers. Our solution will change that! This unique partnership helps you discover leasing opportunities and new areas of generating income or earning assets, strengthen client relationships, enhance new customer development – all without the need for an in-house lease expert.

Accordion Feature for Agriculture Leases

Bankers’ Bank has developed a type of agricultural lease specifically designed to respond to the fluctuations and variability in taxable income levels on the farm. Simply put, as commodity price indexes rise, so too can tax deductible lease payments.

Agricultural producers have long used leasing and the tax deductible payments as an effective tax shelter tool.  The utilization of these tax benefits can vary with the level of taxable income in any given year – a decrease in commodity prices in any given year can reduce taxable income and quickly weaken the need for tax shelter.  Conversely, strong commodity prices can suddenly create an immediate and significant need for more tax shelter.  Maximizing both the effectiveness and the amount of tax deductions is key.

The BBCLSI Community Bank Lease delivers a modification option that now allows a producer to lengthen or shorten the lease term during the life of the lease, and with this term adjustment of course is a corresponding decrease or increase in the annual payment.  The result is a scaling, on-demand change in tax shelter.  This model not only can save thousands of dollars for a producer in taxes, but also addresses cash flow stress when prices are low.

The modification option can be used by a producer as many times as needed, and there is never a cost for putting it in place.  Interest rates do not change.  Credit quality must remain strong.

This innovation in equipment leasing is just one more reason why customers and prospects are better served with a BBCLSI Community Bank Lease. For more information, contact your Bankers’ Bank Correspondent Banker, or simply click Here to email and arrange a brief meeting. We will be happy to further explain how this easy modification option can be used.

BB Community Leasing Services, Inc. (BBCLSI) does not provide specific tax counsel and you are encouraged to contact your tax advisors for advice.

Online Lease Applications Through Your Website

Bankers’ Bank has an on-line application for BBCLSI Community Bank Leases. The application is designed to deliver another element of convenience for your customers who want and need digital simplicity with enhanced safeguards for security. Applications are individually branded for your bank with your logo artwork.

Applications can appear on your website together with information covering the advantages of leasing from your bank. If you prefer, you may simply email customers a link in response to their interest for lease information. We are happy to assist you with either approach, to get started we’d need to complete a Program Agreement and have a discussion on costs.

As leasing continues to grow as a finance alternative and preference, and as community banks increase their leasing capabilities and market share through BBCLSI, this on-line application is a convenient, secure, and highly desirable way to serve many of your customers.

Contact your Bankers’ Bank Correspondent Banker, or simply click Here to email and arrange a brief meeting.

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