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You have unlimited access to all of your account information and can safely originate and receive transactions utilizing our secure web-based communication tools.

FIRE: File Information Report Exchange — This leading-edge technology gives you a cost effective way to securely process, transact and communicate with Bankers’ Bank.

Features include:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Image Cash Letter
  • Streamlined check adjustments
  • Represent return items
  • Send and receive domestic wire transfers, complete with OFAC scanning
  • Receive and/or transmit ACH files
  • Create single ACH entries or batch origination
  • The option to OFAC check IAT files / entries
  • Place coin and currency orders with the Federal Reserve
  • Create and receive large dollar return notifications with the Federal Reserve
  • Manage bankcard messages: new accounts, account changes, monetary transactions
  • Report daily MoneyGram settlements
  • Bankcard detail
  • Cash management reports
  • DDA statements
  • Federal Fund advices

FIRE Security Administrator Set-Up Form


FIRE System Support:


Phone: 855-5BB-FIRE  (855-522-3473)



For more information, contact your Correspondent Banker.