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BB Community Leasing Services, Inc.

Despite community banks facilitating the majority of all small business loans, statistics show only a small portion of all leases are originated or funded by community banks. Statistics also show a great percentage of your existing commercial customers lease equipment periodically, many leasing quite often. You simply have not had the resources to identify, capture, and provide comprehensive lease financing for your customers. Our solution will change that! This unique partnership helps you discover leasing opportunities and new areas of generating income or earning assets, strengthen client relationships, enhance new customer development – all without the need for an in-house lease expert.

  • Expand loan services to include municipal leases, agriculture storage facility leases, and other commercial and industrial leases
  • Enhance customers’ tax advantages and cash flow with finance alternatives
  • Discover business potential with your existing clients and through your competitors
  • Maximize the size of your loan portfolio by providing diversification and potential for alternative earning assets


Accordion Feature for Agriculture Leases

Provide on-demand adjustable tax deductions! BB Community Leasing Services, Inc. (BBCLSI) has developed a new type of agricultural lease specifically designed to respond to the fluctuations and variability in taxable income levels on the farm. Simply put, as commodity price indexes rise, so too can tax deductible lease payments.  Read more…


Online Lease Applications Through Your Website

BBCLSI has a new on-line application for Community Bank Leases. The application is designed to deliver another element of convenience for your customers who want and need digital simplicity with enhanced safeguards for security. Applications are individually branded for your bank with your logo artwork.  Read more…


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For more information, contact your Commercial Banker or a member of our Leasing Staff.


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