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We provide your bank a high level of personal service, quality safekeeping and portfolio accounting, and consistent, competitive pricing of securities. Our experienced team is equipped to assist you with a wide variety of correspondent investment products.

Fixed Income Dealer Desk — Your key to personal assistance with the purchase and sale of fixed income securities at consistent and competitive prices.

Security Safekeeping & Transfer — Our clients enjoy online access to account activity and holdings information. We offer separate and distinct accounts for your bank, subsidiary, trust, or customer’s securities. In addition, we can act as an approved third-party pledge custodian.

Bond Accounting & Pricing — Secure, convenient access to your bank’s accounting reports, market pricing, executive graphs, and portfolio data extracts. Our projection reports with accruals through month-end are available to you around the 23rd of each month, with a final report available the last business day of the month. Market prices are provided monthly by a leading 3rd party pricing provider. Read more…

Asset Liability Management — ALM Driver™ is a new generation asset-liability management solution that fully meets regulatory requirements and allows you to change the focus from compliance/reporting to management/profitability.  Maintained in the Cloud, you will have full access to a state-of-the art model which provides you tools to explore ways to enhance your bank’s returns and manage risk.  You will have time to use the analytics resource because 1) you will stop spending time on non-productive processing activities, 2) it provides an easy to use interface around reporting and analysis, and 3) you receive full support around all functions through Bankers’ Bank staff expertise.  If you haven’t reviewed how ALM has advanced in the past five years, it’s time you take a look.

Investment Advisory — A custom tailored advisory process to meet the unique needs of your bank and/or subsidiary.

Customer Trading & Safekeeping — Reinforce client relationships by providing them with access to fixed income securities, safekept in segregated accounts for easy identification.

Municipal Underwriting — We are very active in municipal underwriting and can work with your bank on local issues to showcase your community support.

  • For comprehensive information regarding municipals please go to EMMA at

Corporate Cash Management — Retain and strengthen existing corporate relationships, attract new business, and earn additional fee income.

Federal Funds – Sold — A fully disclosed agent federal funds program designed for maximum security of overnight investments through geographic and institutional diversification. The program mitigates concentration and saves the expense of multiple sales and wire transfers.


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