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Federal Funds

Federal Funds – Purchased

Bankers’ Bank offers the ability to sell overnight Federal Funds to eligible banks.

If you currently have a Bankers’ Bank Federal Funds line of credit and would like an updated verification you may click here
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Federal Funds – Sold

Bankers’ Bank offers a fully disclosed agent federal funds program designed for maximum security of overnight investments through geographic and institutional diversification. This program also offers a competitive return on your overnight investment, mitigates concentration and saves the expense of multiple sales and wire transfers.


  • Your account can be cash managed, automatically sweeping funds to maximize your return.
  • Daily electronic advices report purchasing institutions, terms and rates.
  • Your bank has access to the Excess Balance Account (EBA) maintained with the Federal Reserve.
  • Funds are sold to purchasing institutions that are subject to quarterly financial analysis and daily monitoring for safety and soundness. View financial analysis of current eligible institutions using the links below.

Federal Funds Book:    [ * must log in to view these customer documents ]

Excess Balance Account Agreement – FED *

Excess Funds Agency Agreement – Exhibit A *

Excess Funds Agency Agreement – Bank Detail *


A principal Federal Funds program is also available.


NOTE: All products and services represented on this page are not FDIC-insured, are not guaranteed by this financial institution, are not obligations of this financial institution, and involve risk including possible loss of principal.

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