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Commercial Banking

We have assembled a highly experienced team of lending professionals that can assist you with a wide range of loan products.  You will find we provide a full line of credit solutions that can be customized to meet your exact needs and allow you to provide creative loan structures to your customers.


Bank Stock Financing

Utilize Bankers’ Bank to assist with the needs of funding your bank or holding company.  Our competitive pricing and flexible structure will enable you to:

  • Access funding for acquisition and expansion opportunities
  • Finance stock repurchase programs
  • Meet capital requirements
  • Establish organizational lines of credit
  • Support loan portfolio growth


Director and Officer Loans

Accommodate borrowing needs of your board or executive team while eliminating restrictions associated with Regulation O.


Federal Funds – Purchased

Your bank may be eligible to purchase overnight Federal Funds from Bankers’ Bank.  For more information, contact your Correspondent Banker. If you currently have a Bankers’ Bank Federal Funds line of credit and would like an updated verification, request here.


International Letters of Credit

We offer a comprehensive suite of International trade services including Import and Export Letters of Credit, as well as Domestic / Standby and Documentary Collections.


Loan Participations – Purchased

If lending opportunities within your community are limited or you are looking to diversify your loan portfolio, purchasing loans from Bankers’ Bank enables your bank to maximize your earning assets by increasing loan volume.


Loan Participations – Sold

When your customer has borrowing needs that are outgrowing the capacity of your bank, selling loans to Bankers’ Bank enables you to retain valuable relationships and continue to serve as the primary banking contact.  In addition, our unique charter eliminates the risks associated with exposing your customer to competing institutions.


Loan Transactions

You are able to submit loan payment or draw requests by using our Loan Transaction Notification


For more information, contact your Commercial Banker.