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By providing a full complement of credit, debit and prepaid cards, we support your desire to meet the needs of your customers, attract new business, diversify your portfolio, and earn fee income.

Credit Card Issuing

Direct Cardholder – This customizable solution offers complete control over approvals, declines, credit limit, product options, and more. You hold 100% of the loans and retain the fee income. It provides administrative support, loyalty program and other enhancements, as well as key security features.

Executive Cardholder – This card features extremely competitive pricing combined with generous benefits, and may also help your bank with Regulation O compliance. Offered as a thank you to our customers, your bank officers and board members are eligible to apply for a MasterCard Platinum Executive Card issued through Bankers’ Bank.

Referral Cardholder – If a turnkey credit card product with shared or zero liability is what you’re looking for, this solution fits your needs while offering a share of the income. An optional loyalty program is also available and key security features are included. With your bank’s logo featured prominently on the card, you retain the marketing benefits of having the card used in your community.

Referral Business Card – Designed to work side-by-side with the referral consumer solution, this card provides a program for your commercial customers with minimal to no liability for your bank. Offer a flexible, low-cost card solution to businesses and enjoy ongoing fee income in return for the referrals, plus the marketing benefits of your bank logo on the card.

Debit Cards

Bankers’ Bank offers a complete debit card solution through First Data and STAR Network. Compatible with a wide range of core system providers and offering best-in-class technology, our program can offer your bank a debit card solution that works for banks of all sizes.

Merchant Payment

Direct Merchant – Retain control by managing your merchant portfolio while gaining income through pricing that you establish. This solution provides a variety of processing options and pricing flexibility to create a custom fit for your bank and it’s merchant customers.

Referral Merchant – This turnkey solution features online referral tracking, furnished marketing materials, a variety of processing options, and an ongoing source of revenue.

Prepaid Cards

Gift, Travel, General-Purpose Reloadable, & Corporate Incentive – Four pre-paid card solutions rolled into one, offering easy, low-cost implementation and a turnkey marketing program, our prepaid program features Visa(R) branded debit cards you sell through the teller line.

For more information on any of our services, contact your Correspondent Banker.

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