Bankers’ Bank is proud to be a founding sponsor of the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC), which formed in December 2018 and is now soliciting qualified members. The FPC’s mission is to advance the path to faster payments ubiquity, enabling any American to safely and securely pay another, anywhere, anytime and with near-immediate funds availability.

As a forum for dialogue and problem-solving, the FPC tackles issues that inhibit adoption of faster payments by offering tools and recommendations that support the broader good while respecting members’ competitive or internal business practices. Barbara Gross, Senior Vice President/CIO says, “Bankers’ Bank strong support of community banking aligns with the FPC, bringing all stakeholders together to advance the efforts of modernizing the U.S. payment system.”

Bankers’ Bank is excited about the opportunity that the FPC offers the greater payments community. The more community-bank participants, the bigger our collective voice. Together we can move forward the payment initiatives that are important to our customers and markets. Community banks are encouraged to join the FPC and can do so online at For questions about joining the FPC, contact Bankers’ Bank at