Solution Spotlight: Delegated Underwriting

Bankers’ Bank is excited to announce a new mortgage service level: delegated underwriting. This new service enables you to leverage your secondary-market qualified underwriters and deliver loans to a trusted community banking partner.

Delegated underwriting is different from our existing service channels because you have total control over underwriting. You control document collection, income verification, property valuation and the underwriting decision. You can close the loan at the speed that works best for your customer. Once you have a secondary-market eligible loan, you simply deliver the loan to Bankers’ Bank for purchase review.

After we purchase your loan, you can have complete confidence in our full service, non-compete mortgage servicing. We handle all mortgage servicing out of our Madison, Wisconsin office. We will never solicit your customers for deposit accounts or consumer loans and we do not sell your customer data to third parties.

Of course, we will continue to offer our existing service levels, where we assist with processing, closing, and handle all underwriting requirements. You can also switch between service levels on a loan-by-loan basis if you have a complicated loan or need additional underwriting assistance.

Contact Michael Kelley or Kary Goodwin at 800.388.5550 to begin enrollment in this new service level.