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Dividend Reinvestment Plan
A simple way to automate your investment growth.

Through our new Bankers' Bancorporation Dividend Reinvestment Plan, shareholders' annual dividends are automatically reinvested. With increased credits, additional share value and cost-free maintenance, we'll make sure you get the peace of mind you deserve. Email us at to get started.

Your goal is our focus.

Since our beginning in 1981, our product diversification has enabled us to meet your bank's ever-changing needs. Because we fully believe in and support community banking, your goal is and will continue to be our focus.

Earning your business
one handshake at a time.

Community banking is all about strong relationships, and a commitment to personal service. That same commitment is what sets Bankers' Banks apart. We enjoy every opportunity to meet you, to learn more about your goals and how we can help you best serve your customers.

Supporting your goal.

All our diverse banking solutions include our promise to never cross-sell to your customer. Each is backed by our exemplary service and is designed to enhance the value of your bank. Call or email to begin or grow your partnership with Bankers' Bank.

Payments Modernization Bulletin
your guide in time of change

The payments business is changing. Faster, cheaper and more flexible payment technologies have set an expectation of convenience and bank offerings must keep pace. We're here to keep you informed and help guide you in this fast-moving industry with our Payments Modernization Bulletin.

Bankers' Bank Insured Investments
are now available.

Bankers' Bank now offers its customers the most efficient access to fully-insured short-term investments. Investments will earn CD-level rates and unlimited FDIC insurance without any fees, auctions or hassle.

Latest News

Payments Modernization Bulletin – November 2019

This fall, Bankers’ Bank engaged in a series of customer and industry events to share knowledge, receive feedback, and coordinate efforts on future developments in payments.  In October the Bank hosted seminars in Stevens Point (Wisconsin), Ames (Iowa) and Champaign (Illinois), with speakers from a variety of payment industry leaders including the Federal Reserve Bank, NACHA, ICBA, UFS and Currency Exchange International.  With a day-long theme of developing a winning payments strategy, attendees gained valuable insight into the payments landscape and how community banks can compete in this fast-evolving space. Read more …

We are pleased to inform you that Bankers’ Bank responds to audit confirmation requests through It’s faster, easier, and more secure than mail, fax, or email, so please direct all future requests through Getting started is easy; simply sign up for an account by visiting

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

It is a pleasure to introduce Bankers’ Bank’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan that automatically reinvests shareholders’ annual dividends to purchase additional shares of Bankers’ Bank stock.

Some of the key benefits include, increased share value, cost-free maintenance, and no purchase fees.

This year’s dividend will be announced in late November. Bankers’ Bancorporation continues to generate a solid return for shareholders. Automatic reinvestment could benefit your bank.

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan is now available. Please contact for more details.

Bankers’ Bank Insured Investments Are Here

It is a pleasure to introduce Bankers’ Bank’s brand new insured investment solution, offering unlimited FDIC insurance.

Customers of Bankers’ Bank now have access to the easiest short-term, risk-free investments ever featuring unprecedented simplicity and efficiency without any fees, auctions, or hassle. Your excess liquidity will be individually divided and anonymously allocated to CD issuers while you receive just one statement and one cash-flow managed by Bankers’ Bank. No more hunting for individual CDs or settling for under-market rates.

6 and 12 month insured investments are now available with as little as a quick order form and an electronic agreement. Please contact for more details. Order here…

Recent Staff News

Mark Loffer – recently joined the Bankers’ Bank staff as Vice President of Correspondent Banking. He will be working out of our Des Moines location, responsible for supporting and building customer relationships in eastern Iowa. Read more…

Steve Schnering – was recently promoted to Assistant Vice President. Steve joined Bankers’ Bank in 2008 in our Investment Operations area and moved into the Sales and Trading area in 2015. Read more…

Bankers’ Bank to Become Funding Agent for Community Banks on TCH’s RTP Network

Bankers’ Bank is pleased to announce our commitment to become a funding agent for respondent banks looking to provide real-time payments capabilities to their customer on the RTP® network developed by The Clearing House (TCH). Please see our August 21st press release for more details…