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Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Grow your investment automatically. The Bankers’ Bancorporation Dividend Reinvestment Plan automatically reinvests shareholders’ annual dividends.

Key Benefits

  • Increased credits – Add to your Equity Incentive Plan credits by increasing your shares, as long as you remain in the plan.
  • Additional share value – Current accounting standards allow you to write up the value of the shares you receive in the plan to current book value.
  • Cost-free maintenance – You receive cost-free maintenance of shares in book-entry form and detailed recordkeeping and reporting under the Plan.
  • No purchase fees – All costs of administering the Plan will be paid by Bankers’ Bancorporation.

You may withdraw from the reinvestment plan at any time and re-apply later if you choose. This year’s dividend will be announced in late November. The dividend yield was 1.55% in 2018 and Bankers’ Bancorporation continues to generate a solid return for shareholders. Automatic reinvestment could benefit your bank.

Contact Us

You must sign up to reinvest before the dividend is paid in December. Contact us for a prospectus and enrollment form. Email or call Matt Sitkowski or Brad Stamper at 800.388.5550.