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Cash Letter

Cash Letter Returns

Send and Receive your image cash letter return files via FIRE.  You can also use FIRE to easily derive your check returns.

Check Adjustments

Create electronic check adjustments using FIRE.  This new tool populates many of the required fields for you, eliminating much of the research and time associated with performing adjustments.

Online Access

FIRE is Bankers’ Bank’s product used to send and receive cash letter files, perform check adjustments and derive returns.  You may also send and receive ACH files, wires, coin and currency requests and more.



The stronger your cash letter exchange network, the greater the rewards are for each partner. We invite you to join us and find out what your neighboring banks already know… OWN.IT is the leading network of its kind, exchanging checks internally at Bankers’ Bank, client to client, relaying the benefits to participating institutions across the Midwest. An exchange analysis can be provided upon request, which will analyze your current image exchange clearing costs against possible savings with OWN.IT.