Community Rewards Network Card Program

First-of-its-Kind Rewards Card Program for Community Banks

Community banks throughout the Midwest can now join a consumer credit card program that rewards consumers for shopping at participating community-based businesses. Bankers’ Bank, the Midwest’s premier provider of banking services to community banks, announces a referral consumer credit card program with incentives for shopping locally. The card program went live in January and already has more than 200 community-based merchants signed up to participate.

As the leading provider of products and services for community banks in the Midwest, Bankers’ Bank understands the importance of local allegiance. The customers who bank with our community bank partners are passionate about their communities. Bankers’ Bank wanted to build a card program that rewarded that passion. By supporting community-based businesses, customers keep more money circulating in their communities.

The Community Rewards card program is specifically tailored to make community banks shine:

The turn-key program allows community banks to offer their customers the Community Rewards Network™ using the latest credit card technology, including chip cards, access to mobile pays, and the coming contactless cards. Participating banks receive one-on-one growth consultations, customized marketing materials, and reliable fee income. The Bankers’ Bank commitment as a partner, not a competitor, means banks retain direct access to their customers and the ability to repurchase their portfolio without penalty.

For more information, contact your Correspondent Banker.